Small space living room decorating ideas

How To Decorate Small Living Rooms | 10 Small Beautiful Living Room Decorating Ideas | Confined Space Designing

Not going for designing things in a cool way just because of the limited space? Naah! No more such problems should last after going through these small living room decorating ideas. Small spaces have an advantage too. That you don’t need to buy too many items of furniture to fill the space. Think about a giant living room with a regular sofa set. It would still look vacant.

So I have aligned some wooden interiors for small living rooms. Here are 10 small living room decorating ideas that will surely give an elegant look to your most lived-in spot.

      1. No More Boring Living Rooms

Small Space Living Room Decorating Ideas

Image Source: Completely-Coastal

Style up your living rooms with modern architecture to kill the usual and boring design ideas. Add some interesting elements to the interior to trap the viewer. Wooden paneling on walls is certainly one such interesting element.

      2. Reflection Game

Small Space Living Room Decorating Ideas

Image Source: WestElm

Play a reflection game in your tiny living area since mirror will make your small space feel open and large. This design shows the drastic impact of multiple mirrors in your living room. All light will be reflected to every corner of the room to give an effect of the wider space.

      3. Vertical Stripes Ceiling

Small Space Living room Decorating Ideas

Image Source: Lamps Plus

Having a low ceiling problem in your confined space? Add these vertical stripes to the wall to make an illusion of higher ceiling. A higher ceiling look will make the room look bigger and better. Make a combination of two contrasting colors that match your room interior.

      4. Perfect Sofa-set

Small Space Living Room Decorating Ideas

Image Source: Designrulz

Look at the perfect small space sofa-set. Having a confined space is not a problem anymore if you have such modular sofa-set to add to the grace of the room. You can also go for some convertible Sofa-set which can be transformed into a bed for two. 

      5. Color Your Walls

Small space living room decorating ideas

Image Source: Ideal Home

Add colors to your living room to turn it into a colored theme based interior design. This blue colored pattern on the wall and matching color curtain and the furry carpet is certainly a combination to put your money on. This design is easy to apply and economical as well.

      6. Workout Weird Size

small space living room decorating ideas

Image Source: Forbes

The weird angled room is certainly a problem. But what about sorting it out intelligently and even dominating it with a classy design that will hide the imperfectness in the room size. 

      7. Add Wow Factor

Small Space Living room Decorating ideas

Image Source: Now! Singapore

Lighting is surely one element that lifts your living room’s status. Add these lightings and round sofa-set to the small space living room. You can also hang a chandelier at the center to give it a luxurious look. 

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      8. Keep Space Alive

Small Space living room decorating ideas

Image Source: HGTV

You can keep the space alive by using this greenery and giving an organic touch to the living room. These plants give a feeling of refreshment and liveliness. Go for ferns and spider plants which purify the indoor air too. 

      9. Utilize High Ceiling

Small scale living room decorating ideas

Image Source: Decoist

Raising the ceiling of your living room is definitely a good idea when you are facing limited space problems. With this kind of designs, you can utilize the height of the room while being in the same length and width. You can install a high book-shelf at the top or can utilize the height by placing an extra bed on the top with an approaching ladder.

    10. Wrap Things Up

Small space living room decorating ideas

Image Source: Decoist

This is what you can call as wrapping things in a style! This convertible furniture makes the full use of limited space that you have and is surely the ultimate idea among other small space living room decorating ideas.

So with this, it’s a wrap to the article too.

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