Top 10 modular kitchen designs of 2018

Top 10 Modular Kitchen Designs Of 2018 | Kitchen Design Ideas

Modern India is something which includes western outfits, luxury cars, leisure homes but when it comes to food it is somewhat same as it was full of spices, varieties, healthy recipes, quick serving etc. To match up with these food varieties and the modernization of our living, modular kitchen has become most popular because of its well organized and systematic designs. It has been surveyed that India has seen a 350% jump in demand for modular kitchens in the last six months only. We have gathered top 10 modular kitchen designs of 2018. Since now the kitchen is not just a place for cooking, it has become a favorite part of people gathering as it compliments every room of the house. So it has become important to design your kitchen in a perfect way with complimentary walls, unique drawers, user-friendly designs and interior with the latest coloring schemes.

This blog provides you with the top 10 modular kitchen designs of 2018 which can help you to choose the best for your house and what are the facilities a modular kitchen can provide you.

1. L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

Top 10 modular kitchen designs of 2018

L-Shaped kitchens are always the first choice of a homemaker because of its compact space and beautiful outlook. It gives a perfect area for the user and it is well organized. The cooking area and washing area can be easily divided so as to make it user-friendly and easy to assemble the other accessories to the kitchen. It also allows multiple people to work in the kitchen at the same time because of its own space in form of L. It has large space of drawers and shelves for storage and has roomy cupboards for easy use.

2. U-Shaped Modular Kitchen

Top 10 Modular kitchen designs of 2018

If you want enough space in your kitchen and want to be a bit separated from the living area but need quick access to the dining area at the same time, U shaped kitchen is the thing you are looking for. The island table can be included at the center to give it elegant look. If you have enough space then dining table can also be included at the center which makes it quick in serving. It is a common choice for the people who have a joint family and like to have dinners together and have a big family to feed together.

3. Parallel Kitchen

Top 10 modular kitchen designs of 2018

Parallel kitchens are the best with less space. These type of kitchens are also called gallery kitchens because they let the floor to be empty for a small central walk away. These kitchens use walls efficiently as cupboards reach to the top of the ceiling and even the shelves and drawers are across the walls to the door. These kitchens go very well when someone needs an outlet in the kitchen in the form of a window or door to the garden area etc.

4. Straight Kitchens

Top 10 modular kitchen designs of 2018

The straight modular kitchens are single-walled kitchens which contain all the things you need in a linear fashion. Its layout is very simple and is very much suitable for the single user. In a straight kitchen, everything can be hidden in pocket doors and all the accessories like cabinets, ingredients, cooking tools can be easily reached. Enough cabinet storage is layered overhead which provides an organized look as well. The storage cabinets on the floor also provide easy reach to all the appliances. The different color combination of both layers of cabinets can be made to make your kitchen looks attractive.

5. Island Modular Kitchens

Top 10 Modular kitchen designs of 2018

Island combination with modular kitchens facilitates a counter space for existing casework. It can be fitted in any type mentioned above and provides a sensible working area for cooking preparation, cleanup etc. It can be used for separate storage area as it does not interfere in the cooking area. The island can also work as temporary dining for small family and children. Considering its look, it only adds up to the kitchen as can be utilized for different lightings.

6. Peninsula Kitchens

Top 10 Modular Kitchen Designs Of 2018

These type of kitchens are somewhat similar to island kitchens but the difference is that the size and position of the island are different. This acts as a permanent dining area. It does not come completely in kitchen neither it is away from the kitchen area. These combine with the sink area and provides extra space in the kitchen for cooking preparation, more than one user, etc. It is very much useful in the kitchens with less space. The shape of the island there is not a concern as it can be shaped according to the need and space of the user.

7. Stainless Steel Kitchens

Top 10 Modular Kitchen Designs of 2018

Stainless steel kitchens are very much user-friendly as they have easy maintenance, corrosion free and are flexible with unique designing. Most of the storage and oven can be mounted in the wall unit itself to save space. The most important advantage of these kitchens is that they are eco-friendly and are durable. When combined with wood and glasses, these kitchens gives a vintage look.

8. Tropical Kitchens

Top 10 Modular kitchen designs of 2018

The tropical theme for a kitchen is trending nowadays because people want to relate more to nature and it gives a laid-back appearance. The most attractive thing about tropical interiors is the traditional designs and ornamental carvings on wood with some tropical plants. These kitchens are best suited for a vacation home or beach home. Looks of these kitchens are enhanced by using different lights with traditional lamps.

9. Matte Theme With Quartz

Top 10 modular kitchen designs of 2018

Another trending kitchen style is favorite of today’s generation as it gives a cool, moody and classy look to the kitchens. Black is no more a negative color but in fact, with matte finish and variation of its counter colors like gray and white gives an industrial look to the kitchen. These type of kitchens match up with the living area easily and it is no more of regular color and is for the long term.

10. Kitchen With Material Finishing

Top 10 modular kitchen designs of 2018

Use of materials like steel, wood, marble, granite and artistic appliances gives an excellent view of simple and poetic appearance to the kitchen. Going with your own ideas and designs for the dining area, cooking area, sink area and executing your own thoughts about how your kitchen must look can be done by these type of kitchens. The dark colors combined with contrast give it a rich and elegant appearance. 

So these were top 10 modular kitchen designs of 2018 in trends. For more designs look at these modular kitchens.