Home interior is the one thing which everyone has an interest in irrespective of social status, financial aspects or regional things. And the interest in Indian celebrities homes interior designs is of the same kind. We can say that they are actually the people who are more conscious about how their house looks like and must be capable of giving them a life King Size! Everyone wants their house to reflect their personality and try to have unique objects of art in their interiors.  So, let’s take a tour of some famous Indian celebrities homes interior designs and discover what fascinates them and how their home's interiors look like!

Rajinikanth’s House in Pune:

We all grew up watching Rajinikanth’s movies and is treated as God by many of his fans because of his unique style of acting and characters in his films. He is not only admired by people in South India but is undoubtedly one of the biggest personality in all over India and thus has gained enormous wealth by his hard work. So if we talk about where he lives, that place would not be less than a heaven. So here are some glimpses of the interior designs of Rajinikanth’s home:

Perfect location surrounded by nature panorama:

Though he is known for his energetic and unique stunts. As a person, he is found to be calm and close to nature. The place is surrounded by greenery and the white outlook reflects the peace and worldly appearance. rajnikanth home in pune

Sophisticated interior and the fancy view from the living room:

rajnikanth home in pune

Modern and Unique Decor Kitchen:

rajnikanth kitchen in pune home


rajnikanth home in pune

Elegant looking bedroom:

rajnikanth home in pune


rajnikanth bathroom

Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartment in Mumbai

Salman Khan is an idol personality for today’s generation and he is known for maintaining his looks, health, and evergreen fit body. So it would be exciting to know how he wants his house to be and what all things he has to keep him motivated in his life.

House full of memories:

He has been living in Galaxy apartments for the past 40 years with his family. This house is close to his heart and has spent enormous memories, ups, and downs here. salman khan home

Lounge to have food with family:

salman khan home lounge

Star’s Living room to define himself:

salman khan galaxy apartment

A place for peaceful evening tea:

salman khan home lounge

Elegant bedroom:

salman khan bedroom

A make-up place for redefining himself:

salman khan make up room

Spacious Bathroom:

salman khan's bathroom

A place for working out - Gym:

salman khan gym

Akshay Kumar’s Plush residence at Juhu

The action hero of Indian Bollywood industry is the Khiladi Akshay Kumar. He is the most disciplined actor and known for his perfect schedule of working. It will be interesting to know how he arranges things in his house and what are all the interior designs he would prefer for his home although his wife Mrs. Twinkle Khanna is an interior designer and who would know him better than his wife. Twinkle has given the house an artistic look and tried to art wooden objects with some ethnic look that can be seen at various corners. Let’s take a tour through Akshay’s villa.

At Juhu Sea Shore:

akshay kumar's plush in juhu

Bright drawing room with stylish lights:

akshay kumar's home

Big living room with artistic interiors:

akshay kumar's home

Dining area with natural view and classic candles:

akshay kumar's home

Bedroom with Sea view:

akshay kumar's home

Working area with some traditional touch of fan and board:

akshay kumar's home

Some unique interior designs:

akshay kumar's home akshay kumar's home

Perfect place to relax:

akshay kumar's home

Dog’s leisure:

akshay kumar's dog

Sachin Tendulkar’s Villa

This person needs no introduction. He is the only one of his type and called by many names by his fans like Master Blaster, God of Cricket etc. The perfection in his game can give us an idea of how he would like to be at home. His house is one of the most wonderful houses in Mumbai and is known for enormous space and complex interior designs. The house is like a wonderland for kids and will amaze you with its color contrasts and interiors.

Out view:

sachin tendulkar's house Outside sitting area- perfect for morning tea:

sachin tendulkar's house Sophisticated Living Room:

Ssachin tendulkar's house

Garden area with unique artwork:

sachin tendulkar's house Shell house with beautiful interior designs:

sachin tendulkar's house

sachin tendulkar's house

Living room with Jungle theme:

sachin tendulkar's house

Master’s Bedroom:

sachin tendulkar's house

Unique Kitchen:

sachin tendulkar's house

Shahrukh Khan’s Mannat

The King Khan of Bollywood resides in hearts of almost every Indian somewhere and has attained the position of a Badshah in Indian Bollywood industry by his hard work. So a king always lives in a palace and Shahrukh’s Mannat is no less than a palace. His wife is herself an interior designer gave the house a perfect combination of an antique and modern look. She added objects of art at every corner to enhance the look. Peeking inside Mannat would be like experiencing a visit to a palace of the king. So here are some glimpses of it.

Outside Look:

shahrukh khan's mannat

Drawing room with a classic look:

shahrukh khan's house

srk's mannat

Living room - art at every corner:

sharukh khan's mannat sharukh khan's mannat

Book’s Palace:

shahrukh khan's mannat

Beautiful interior:

shahrukh khan's mannat

shahrukh khan's mannat


shahrukh's bathroom

Deepika Padukone's House Interiors

Deepika Padukone has become queen of Bollywood and has reached the zenith of her career by her extreme determination, hard work, and self-motivation. As a woman, she is a mixture of Indian tradition and modern outlook. She is an inspiration for many women in Indian and has achieved tremendous popularity, wisdom and wealth at a very young age. If we come to her choice of home interior, it appeared a perfect reflection of her aura and attitude. She lives in 4 BHK apartment in Mumbai on the 26th floor of Beaumonde Apartments. She got along with the interior designers to have a house which gets a match with her own thoughts, beauty, and glamour. Let’s take a look through that.

deepika padukaun's home

Living room for visitors:

deepika padukaun's home

Living room with some ethnic art:

deepika padukaun's home

Bedroom elegant decor:

deepika padukaun's house

deepika padukaun's house Priyanka Chopra’s Vacation home in Beverly Hills

Priyanka Chopra the former Miss World, a woman who wants everything to be in style and is one of the most gorgeous, beautiful, successful actress not only in Bollywood but also in Hollywood industry. She is the person who likes to be loud but at the same time enjoys going on beaches for inner peace. She loves to go round the word and likes a bit of privacy when it comes to going on a vacation or break. Therefore she bought a bungalow in Beverly Hills where she enjoys her own company and passes her time with her near and dear ones. Let’s have a look inside this huge bungalow and see its elegant interiors.

Beautiful Surrounding - within nature:

Indian celebrities homes interior designs

Spacious Living Room:

Indian celebrities homes interior designs

Outside sitting area:

Indian celebrities homes interior designs Modern Kitchen Decor:

Indian celebrities homes interior designs


Indian celebrities homes interior designs

Working area:

Indian celebrities homes interior designs


Indian celebrities homes interior designs

Swimming area:

Indian celebrities homes interior designs So, these were some Indian celebrities homes interior designs from which you can get a clue about their lifestyle and standard of living. You may also like: Theme based interior designs

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